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PKMN: Decora Wiki by PuppyLuver PKMN: Decora Wiki :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 5 0 Mii: Genie Buster by PuppyLuver Mii: Genie Buster :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 6 9 BB18: Ingrid the Illusionist by PuppyLuver BB18: Ingrid the Illusionist :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 2 0 PKMNL Visual Kei Zant by PuppyLuver PKMNL Visual Kei Zant :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 2 0 BB18: Master Embarrassment by PuppyLuver BB18: Master Embarrassment :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 7 3 Mii: So, about my wish? by PuppyLuver Mii: So, about my wish? :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 8 6 BB18: Vesuvianite by PuppyLuver BB18: Vesuvianite :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 4 0 PKMN: Kogal Allie by PuppyLuver PKMN: Kogal Allie :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 5 4 BB18: Candy by PuppyLuver BB18: Candy :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 5 2 Mii: The Girls Neksdor by PuppyLuver Mii: The Girls Neksdor :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 9 8 BB18: Pandora by PuppyLuver BB18: Pandora :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 3 0 PKMN: Gyaru Cereza by PuppyLuver PKMN: Gyaru Cereza :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 7 0 BB18: Titania by PuppyLuver BB18: Titania :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 5 2 Mii: The Noble and the General by PuppyLuver Mii: The Noble and the General :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 3 3 BB18: Rhodonite by PuppyLuver BB18: Rhodonite :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 4 0 BB18: ToonBox by PuppyLuver BB18: ToonBox :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 3 0
Yes! These are my little babies! ^u^

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AKA the collection of BEST THINGS EVER!


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Jess Renae Curtis
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
My name is Jess. I draw a lot. I also write books. I like to play games, pet dogs, and eat cake.

Commissions page
EDIT: Entry period's over now (technically it was over at 10 AM my time, but I wasn't able to update this at the time), so I'm gonna get started on the arts. Hope everyone who entered likes theirs! :3c

Heyo! Guess what!

It's almost my birthday, and like last year I want to pass on the love. So get ready for the Return of the PuppyLuver Studios Birthday Bash Bonanza!!! Just like last year, it's first come first serve for a flat-color bust illustration (see my commission page for examples), but this time because I'm 26, it's the first 26 people who'll get in! I mean, I didn't get quite 25 people last time even with repeats so I probably won't hit 26, but I'm ambitious as hell. >:3c

Click here to get to the entry form and fill it out if you want in on this. Deadline is June 3, aka next Sunday, and if there's still a lot of spaces left in the midpoint of the week I miiiiight open up repeats for previous entrants. I'd prefer to draw your OCs, but I'll also be willing to draw fandom characters (though if it's a fandom I won't touch I'll have to ask you for an alternate choice). Also, while you don't have to do anything other than fill out that form to get entered, if you could share my commission info and other methods of supporting me while you're here that would be very much appreciated. ;3

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in there!

EDIT: All right, we've got two days left and half the slots are still open. So! If you have already entered before June 1, you get one more entry! (still one per person for newcomers though, I just wanna fill more slots at this point :P)


:police: Important! :police:
Terms of use for my artwork (on any account my artwork is uploaded in) (Updated 9-30-2013)

:noes: Requests/Art Trades/Commissions? :noes:
Commissions are OPEN! Please see here for details.
Free requests and art trades are only available to close friends, sorry.

:ufo: Alternate Accounts :ufo:
:iconplstudios: :iconweirdiescollabs: (shared with ZootyCutie)

:bye: Me elsewhere :bye:
My Twitter
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  • Listening to: game soundtracks
  • Reading: random fanfiction
  • Watching: Night Mind
  • Playing: Miitopia
  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: tea


PKMN: Decora Wiki
Got the last of these outfits drawn at full size, and Wiki is simply precious dressed in decora style. It's likely that Kiari picked this outfit for them because they'd be too underconfident to wear anything super-flashy in normal circumstances, hehe.

Commissions ~ Redbubble ~ Patreon

Rotom (any form) © Nintendo/GameFreak
Wiki © PuppyLuver Studios
Mii: Genie Buster
If there's something strange... in your desert hood... who ya gonna call? GENIE BUSTER! Yeah, more journey in pictures stuff, I had too much fun with the whole "put the genie back in the lamp" scene given who my genie is. Too bad letting him go was a "but thou must". I would've liked to see what would happen if you slurped him up entirely. But then again, I guess that woulda made Neksdor's major boss kinda impossible if that were the case. *sigh* Oh well. XD

Commissions ~ Redbubble ~ Patreon

Miitopia and related concepts © Nintendo
Dimentio © Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
My likeness © PuppyLuver Studios
BB18: Ingrid the Illusionist
And the last of the birthday giveaway pieces is here. :D Here's Lissa's Ingrid, a self-taught mage whose methods aren't exactly the best but she's gonna keep going at it. She's pretty interesting, honestly. :)

Commissions ~ Redbubble ~ Patreon

Ingrid the Illusionist © Littlemissylissamel
PKMNL Visual Kei Zant
When I was getting stuff together for this fashion project and was asking for input, I'm pretty sure Maddie suggested visual kei for Zant and honestly? Fits really well. There's a focus on makeup and piercings, and as Zant's got that eyeliner game goin' and my way of acknowledging both his namesake's weird mouth and Banette's zipper-mouth is the snake bites, so of course! =P

Commissions ~ Redbubble ~ Patreon

Banette © Nintendo/GameFreak
Zant (as in my Banette) © PuppyLuver Studios
BB18: Master Embarrassment
Only one more birthday giveaway piece after this one! Here's Maddie's Master Embarrassment. She's pretty cute. :D

Commissions ~ Redbubble ~ Patreon

Unikitty and related concepts © LEGO/Cartoon Network
Master Embarrassment © ZootyCutie

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PsychoticMinkiePie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! My friend and I are looking for accounts to review. I was wondering, with your permission of course if we could review/critique your gallery? Were a small channel, haven't made any videos yet, but in our first one we'd like to review your art. Feel free to decline its just an offer to consider :)
PuppyLuver Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Professional General Artist
Honestly, even after thinking it over for the past few days since you've asked, I'm still not really sure how to respond. I'm confident enough in both my artistic ability and the fact that you friggin' asked for permission to surmise that this likely isn't for the purposes of some sort of cringe compilation, but at the same time I'm just not used to reviews being done on just art galleries. That's something you usually hear about in regards to something with a plot or otherwise more long-form content than just illustrations, and while I do also do writing and stuff that makes sense in my mind to get reviews it's just a bit of a weird concept in my mind to apply that sort of mindset to a gallery as a whole.

Hmmm... Would you intend to keep whatever's featured in this hypothetical video fairly current in regards to what I've posted? Like "2014/2015 and later" current? Cuz there's a LOT of old trash at the back of my gallery and I really don't want that being part of someone's impression of my current skill level. I'm talking like human characters whose torsos are so narrow that you have trouble figuring out how they have any internal organs, and not in the stylistic manner but in the "what even is human anatomy" manner.
PsychoticMinkiePie Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! We mostly just want to talk about the strong points of each artist, areas that stand out and things that may need to be improved. We wont be doing a whole 30 minutes video on just one profile so I won't be super insanely in depth, but its mostly just to benifit both us and the artist(you) :)
We get material and your name and art gets credited linked and shown on video. We arent really a big channel, it'll be our first video so we just want to make a pretty lighthearted discussion of a few artists :)
girlofhearts101 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Birthday cake  icon Happy Birthday, Puppers! ^^ Birthday cake  icon 
PuppyLuver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank yooouuu~♪ :3
girlofhearts101 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
You're welcome anytime, you wonderful artistic person, you~! ^^
PuppyLuver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Professional General Artist
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SkarmorySilver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good one! :)
PuppyLuver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thanks, I am! :D
Pikminfan2016 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
Happy Birthday!!
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